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3, Uzbekistanskaya St.,

Bein located accross from Presidential Palace, on Ankhor Canal, this Restaurant is cafe style. Menu includes mainly national food, such as Palov, Shashlik (Kebab), Shurpa. European food is also served. Tables are placed outside, next to Canal, so you will be able to enjoy nature.


 Bogi Shamol
107 Amir Timur St.,
TEL: 34-53-96, 34-40-31

Restaurant is located at the north end of the city, next door to "Tashkentland", a new amusement park. Bogi-Shamol is famous for its seafood such as caviar and lobsters. Restaurant has two halls: indoor and outdoor with acceptable prices for european, korean and national meals.


 Black Dragon
6 Abay St.,.
Tel: 44-00-67

Another privately owned restaurant Black Dragon is located in a walking distance from Hotel Turon and independence square, where all government and business agencies are located. Its main menu includes as national as european, chinese and korean food, but mainly this restaurant is famous for its korean food. It is a nice place for a lunch.


 Chang Bai Shang
35 Kaderi St.,
TEL: 41-79-28,

Being located near city center, restaurant mainly offers chinese food with average service and excellent food. There is also floor show in restaurant.


1 Pushkin St.,
Tel: 33-73-67

Being located in the city center, it comes up to be the first choise for tourists who stopped in Uzbekistan hotel. The look of the restaurant is fancy western style, the service and food quality are average. Menu consists from national and western foods.


54 Katanate St.,
Tel: 78-92-75, 78-49-18

By its convinient locatinon near American Embassy Warehouse, restaurant offers delicious pakistani food for a reasonable price. It is also one of the privately owned places. Good environment and good food are one of the advantages of this place.


48a Navoi St.,
Tel: n/a

Being located close to Chorsu Hotel and Chorsu Market (Bazaar), Jhon Restauran offers an excellent Turkish Food. There is no show but service is average and food is reasonably priced.


1 Istiklol St.,
Tel: 33-36-80, 33-37-70

Being located at the central square Muborak is in walking distance from Hotel Uzbekistan and government agencies. It offers a wide range of european and national food. There are two halls: main and balcony. The main hall is good for dinners as it has exellent environment. Accepteble quality of food and service are priced according to the standarts.


 New World
28 Ataturk St.,
Tel: 33-33-22, 33-33-44

Beig located on the second floor of Alisher Navoi Ballet Theater, this restaurant becomes more and more famous thank to its korean food.Open: lunch (12:00 - 15:00) dinner (18 :00 - 21 :00) excellent service and high prices. English/Korean, excellent Korean food.


49 Hamza St.
Tel: 33-41-85

This excellent place is located behind hotel Uzbekistan and close to City center. There is live music available. Menu include some European but mainly French Food. Restaurant opens for dinner at 19:30, good service, high prices.


16 Lakhuti St.,
Tel: 56-50-38, 54-96-57

Restaurant Richman is located near Israel Embassy, near Oybek subway station. It is one of the privately managed restaurants in Tashkent area and offers a wide range of services such as sending and receiving faxes, food delivery and car escort. Restaurant has a fancy look with two halls where you can find western style food (mostly) but also asian (korean and chinese) is also offered. There is also private room available for official receptions and meetings. The Floor show is not so outstanding.


72 Matbuatchilar St.,
Tel: 33-14-24

Restaurant is located in the center of the city, and offers mainly Turkish food.Open for lunch and dinner. Service is excellent and food is priced reasonably. There is also evening floor show, good menu.


3 Glinka St,
Tel: 54- 98-41

Located near Bobur Park, This restaurant offers Japanese, Korean and Chinese food. Loud music, very good food, floor show.


65 Usmon nosir St.,
Tel: 53-57-86,
53-14-14, 53-52-52

Korean food oriented restaurant, offers a different kinds of korean, european and national meals in an acceptable quality with adequate serving. There are two very nicely furnished halls with soft music available for guests. There are also some special korean foods can be find in their menu.


11 Chilanzar St.,
TEL: 74-45-71, 75-94-32

Being located in the one of suburbs ofthe city, Sam-Yang is one of the privately owned restaurants in the city. Sam-Yang's menu includes a wide range of jigh quality oriental foods, but mostly korean, european and national cousine. Quiet environment with sooft music, high quality of the service are pluses of this place.


13 Pushkin St.,
Tel: 33-20-50, 33-91-17

Located in the center of Tashkent, withing walking distance from the hotel Uzbekistan, Restaurant's wancy western design style does not reflect on the service and meal. The Restaurant offers various Italian, and European cousines. the restaurant is also good for official receptions and informal gatherings.


40 Rashidov Pr.
Tel: 56-34-07, 56-50-46

Being located near independence square, where all business and government agencies are located, Vernisazh occupies the basement of the arts exebition hall. It offers a wide range of dishes, including national and european meals, special seafood is also available by advance notice. Restaurant itself represents a quiet place for business meetings.


17 Matbuotchilar St.,
Tel: 35-56-93,
33-43-76, 33-68-98

This restaurant is also located in walking distance from Hotels such as Uzbekistan and Tashkent and it is the biggest restaurant (maybe also the oldest.) Zarafshan represents old Soviet-style restaurants, being located in a gigantic building with several halls. With Fancy furniture and accomodations, it offers a different kinds of national and european food. This place is also good for official receptions.


 Asian Disco Restaurant
15 Navoi St.,
TEL: 41-03-31, 41-03-84

Operated by Malasians, this restaurant is the main place where businessmen spend their time. It is located on the basement of "Panorama", and open evenings from 19:30. There is an entering fee, one charge per person.


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