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The site, named UzLand Contacts, is created with WebFord, HTML Editor for PCs, running on various personal computers operating under Microsoft Windows 95. Graphics are enhanced using Adobe Photo Shop and other graphic software. The site is updated and maintained by all members of the UzLand Design. The purpose of this site is to offer information about the companies and services in Uzbekistan, but mainly in Tashkent City area.

We have designed the site to be text friendly, meaning that the content of our site focuses more on text than graphic images. Using mostly text allows the pages to load quicker reducing "Graphic Gristle".

We feel that your privacy is important. This site does not involve itself in obtaining any personal information about the visitors to this site. The only area in this site that obtains information about you is our guestbook. When you make sign our guestbook, your e-mail address is given to us, but it is also optional.

Our Web site architects at the UzLand Design are responsible for our site's interactive features and its overall structure and functionality. We wanted our site's design to be warm and inviting, easy for you to read and print, and at the same time, simple for us to maintain. You'll find the UzLand Design Group at http://uzdesign.home.ml.org

Your opinion matters to us

Please visit our site again soon as we update it frequently. What we add depends, in large part, on the suggestions we receive from visitors to the site, like you. How are we doing? What information would you like to see here? Do you have any photos that will make our site richer? Please send us your comments.

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