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With todayís busy lifestyle more and more people make their day to day decisions based on convenience. Thatís what UzLand Contacts is all about!

We are an Internet based service, which allows anyone from anywhere to use the Internet to learn about the more than 1,000 companies, hotels and restaurants throughout Tashkent, Uzbekistan. It is already more than a year as in our site, people can review hotel descriptions, companies' locations, check out whoís offering travel tours and even view a map of Tashkent City, right from their home or office 24-hours a day, 365-days-a-year. Now thatís convenience! No more waiting for the newspaper, or trying to remember website where they have seen those addresses.

Who uses UzLand Contact? Everyone with a computer and an Internet connection can! Did you know that more people subscribe or have access to the Internet than subscribe to newspapers or to cable? Thatís the market we reach!

Why /How do they use it? Convenience. Every weekday many people visit our site by looking for company, hotel and restaurant locations. Sometimes people just want to find information that is a little different from their normal routine, or pictures that wuld be useful fortheir website. UzLand Contact is especially helpful when people want to do business in Tashkent or travel to Uzbekistan. They can quickly find a place where to stay, agencies with whom to travel and restaurants where to eat, find those places' phone numbers, when they are unfamiliar with or places that are not covered by their hometown phone book. Heck, they can even review a map of the area so they donít get lost!

With all this convenience, there is one thing thatís missing Ė YOU! Getting listed with UzLand Contact is incredibly easy and costs less than one weekend of advertising in the paper, i.e. FREE!

To see for yourself what a great tool this can be for you, please check out our example listing and it's options. For more information, please send us email at:



UzLand Team

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