Business in Uzbekistan

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After annexing the Central Asian republic, Soviet Russia completely destroyed the centuries-old economic infrastructure of the region. Traditionally located at the crossroads of busy caravan routes of Europe and Aia, Uzbekistan was turned into a distant province of a rigidly centralized empire, ...the independent country did not have to begin moving along the path of democracy and the transition to a market economy from scratch, but from below zero. Overcoming the inertia of decades of stagnation, Uzbekistan's leadership is striving by all possible means to assure the smoothest and most painless possible transition to a democratic system. President Karimov's policy would be best described as a centrist.

One attractive feauture of today's Uzbekistan for Western investors is the cheapness of labor. This makes it extremely attractive for Western companies to open subsidary shops in the republic using local resources. For Western entrepreneurs wishing to invest profitably in manufacturing, Uzbekistan truly offers Klondike of the late 20th century.

Besides the giant of Western business, such as Coca-Cola, Bellcom, Motorola, IBM, etc., which are operating successfullyin Uzbekistan, all kinds of small and medium-sized joint ventures arebeing created in the republic, mainly with companies from neighboring countries.

These companies are now energically staking out the most promising positions ion the country's economy for themselves. They are rushing to use all the advantages of the undersupplied market opening up in Uzbekistan, and the lack of the compatition is opening up practically unlimited opportunity for them.

As there are many companies, joint ventures operating in Uzbekistan, In this section of our corner we tried to list just the largest ones.  

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