Uzbekistan Phone Code Update


From the beginning of the year 1999 incoming calling to Uzbekistan has been changed due to the updates in country phone line. This page has updated information.
Incoming Calls from Countries outside the CIS
The code change had come into effect at midnight on 30.09.1998

The new country code for Uzbekistan is +998. Each region within Uzbekistan has its own regional access code - which in the case of Tashkent is 71. The country and regional access codes are followed by a 7 digit subscriber number e.g. 1206320. Therefore under the new scheme the complete dial code will be + 998 71 1206320.

NB:  So far as the other regional access codes for the Republic of Uzbekistan are concerned, they were included into our previous fax called "IMPORTANT INFORMATION UPDATE".
The new and old incoming dialing codes will operate in parallel until 01.03.1999 and it will therefore still be possible during this period to access a number in Uzbekistan by dialing:
+ 7 371 followed by the 7 digit subscriber number (e.g. 1206320) = +7 371 1206320
+ 7 3712 followed by the 6 digit subscriber number (e.g. 406320)  = +7 3712 406320
NB:  The additional digit 2 effectively turns the subscribers number from a 6 digit code into a 7 digit code
Incoming calIs from CIS Countries
The countries in the CIS have different timescales for converting to the new + 998 access code for Uzbekistan, The latest information we have is as follows:
Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia + Moscow & St. Petersburg from 01.10.1998
Kazakstan, Kyrgizstan, Armenia, Tajikistan & Turkmenistan from 01.01.1999
Moldova, Ukraine and Russia (other than Moscow & St. Petersburg) no definite date yet.

Again there will be (an overlap period and until further notice callers from anywhere in the CIS will still be able to access Uzbekistan using the existing code e.g. 8 371 (+ 1206320) for 7 digit subscriber numbers or 8 371 2 (+ 406320) for 6 digit subscriber numbers,
Dialing within Uzbekistan
The existing dialing codes will apply until further notice.
Dialing from Uzbekistan
There are NO changes to outgoing dial codes


This newsletter is to inform you about the planned change to the international dial code for incoming calls to Uzbekistan. This update provides you with the latest information about what is being planned.

1. When is the change going to happen ?
At midnight on September 30th  1998

2. What will the new international dial code be?
+ 998 followed by the area / city code and telephone number
e.g. Tashkent number + 7 371 1206320 will become +998 71 1206320

The codes for other areas are changing as follows:
Region Existing Code New Code
Andijan +7 374 xxxxxxx +998 74 xxxxxxx
Bukara +7 365 xxxxxxx +998 65 xxxxxxx
Djizak +7 372 xxxxxxx +998 72 xxxxxxx Kashkadaria +7 375 xxxxxxx +998 75 xxxxxxx Karakalpakia +7 361 xxxxxxx +998 61 xxxxxxx
Navoi +7 436 xxxxxxx +998 79 xxxxxxx
Samarkand +7 366 xxxxxxx +998 66 xxxxxxx
Syrdariya +7 367 xxxxxxx +998 67 xxxxxxx Surkhandaria +7 376 xxxxxxx +998 76 xxxxxxx
Tashkent +7 371 xxxxxxx +998 71 xxxxxxx
Ferghana +7 373 xxxxxxx +998 73 xxxxxxx
Khorezm +7 362 xxxxxxx +998 62 xxxxxxx

NB the code for Naval has changed completely
1. Will the old codes and the new code run in parallel?
Yes - until midnight on 31st   December 1998

The dialing code for Uzbekistan from the other countries within the CIS will remain the same as it is now. These codes will be changed later.