Telecommunication: Paging and
Cellular Phones


 In the Republic the number of communication branches have also achieved a certain level of development. Their comprehensive growth will facilitate the scientifically- based and effective arrangement of control over the development of national economy, and will contribute to the living standards of population.

Over the last decade the number of telephone subscribers both in rural and urban areas has sharply increased (almost 2.5-fold.) Especially big was the increase in the countryside. We can likely expect a growth in cell phones and cell phone cases out there as well.

The public demand for telephones in their homes is still not diminishing but raising. A sharp increase in communication tariffs also influenced negatively on the general level of communication service.

Here is just the companies that offer services of paging, cellular phones and cable TV

118 Vakhidov St.,
Tashkent 700031, Uzbekistan
Tel: 56-48-27, 56-23-38
Fax: 56-81-70
Contact: Mr. Alexey B. Stepanov, General Director
Activity: Cellular Telephone Service

109 Amir Temur St.,
Tashkent 700084, Uzbekistan
Tel: 35-46-25, 35-06-23, 35-22-32
Fax: 34-01-11
Contact: Mr. Pulat Umarov, General Director
Activity: Wireless Satellite TV Services

Radio Page
10, Usman Nosir St.,

Tashkent, Uzbekistan 700128
Tel: 41-83-65 OR 41-12-35
Fax: 41-83-67
Contact: Mr. Michael G. Wood, General Manager
Activity: Paging

24 Amir Timur St.,
Tashkent 700084, Uzbekistan
Tel: 44-26-78, 33-53-31
Fax: 44-26-71
Contact: Mr. Takhir Abdullaev, Director
Activity: Paging Services

Orbitel Ltd
la Fergana Street
Tashkent 700005, Uzbekistan
Tel: 32-06-97
(7) 40-67-98
Fax: 191-43-86
Contact: Mr. Nazar Talibjanov, General Representative
Activity: Satellite Communication Distribution & Services

Scooner Trading Telecom.

45 Usmon Nosir Street, 4th Floor
Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Tel: 55-37-34, 55-16-75, 55-38-95
Fax: 40-61-04
Contact: Mr. Oleg Denishenko, Director
Activity: Telecommunications Equipment

40 Gagarin Street
Tashkent 700115, Uzbekistan
Tel: 77-64-61
Fax: 40-65-04
Contact: Mr. Eduard K. Yurkevsky, General Director
Activity: Cellular Telephone Service

24 Amir Timur Street, 5th Floor
Tashkent 700000, Uzbekistan
Tel: 30-13-11, 35-81-60
Fax: 30-13-10, 31-03-20
Contact: Mr. Yuri Snezhkov, General Director
Mr. Bob Horton, Finance Manager
Activity: Cellular Telephone Services

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