Management Consulting

Experts of all kinds frequently refer to themselves as "consultants to management," but only those who advise on the management process itself can legitimately be called management consultants (though even this generalization is being challenged today).One definition that gained widespread acceptance came not from consultants themselves but from academia:

Management consulting is an advisory service contracted for and provided to organizations by specially trained and qualified persons who assist, in an objective and independent manner, the client organization to identify management problems, analyze such problems, recommend solutions to these problems, and help, when requested, in the implementation of solutions.

That the authors of this definition find it necessary to follow with a more practical definition and note that they are only half joking illustrates the difficulty that even practitioners themselves have in explaining what they do:

Management consulting is an uncertain and evolving process conducted by a foreign intruder who muddles through by performing various problem-solving activities, while trying to maintain high professional standards and still attempting to meet the needs of the client.

What is explicitly stated as well as what is implied in these two definitions point to some key conclusions:

1. Management consulting is an advisory service, not a "take charge" or decision making mode.
2. Not everyone is qualified to give this advice.
3. Objectivity and independence are essential to the consultant.
4. Not much is known about the actual process of management consulting.
5. Outsiders can be a big help in defning the problems they are called upon by insiders to solve.

In this list you will find companies who offer management, accounting and other consulting services:

Arthur Andersen Ltd
Business Complex, Suite 27
Khamid Olimjon Square, Western Side
Tashkent 700000, Uzbekistan
Tel: 133-83-69, 132-00-43/72
Fax: 40-64-83
Contact: Mr. John Healy, Deputy Manager in Charge
Activity: Accounting, Consulting and Taxation Services

Deloitte & Touche
1 Turob Tula Street, 3rd Floor
Tashkent 700003, Uzbekistan
Tel: 139-13-77, 144-22-65
(7) 40-61-26
Fax: 40-61-27
Contact: Mr. B. Keith Byer, Regional Director
Activity: Consulting Services

Barents Group
1 Turob Tula Street, 3rd Floor, Room #325-329
Tashkent 700003, Uzbekistan
Tel: 139-42-29
Fax: 40-61-28
Contact: Mr. Arun Hsu, Country Manager
Activity: Consulting Services

Coopers & Lybrand
4 Boimoukhamedov Street
Tashkent 700052, Uzbekistan
Tel: 40-61-01
Fax: 40-66-45
Contact: Mr. William Aird, Senior Manager in Charge
Activity: Accounting, Taxation & Consulting Services

Development Alternatives, Inc.
C/o State Committee for Natural Protection
13a Usmon Nosir Street, Room #304
Tashkent 7oo1oo, Uzbekistan
Tel: 55-78-47, 55-57-07, 54-08-48
Fax: 40-63-56
Contact: Ms. Molly Curtin, Representative, Central Asian Region
Activity: Environmental Consulting

Ernst & Young
1 Sodik Azimov Street Lst Lane
Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Tel: 132-03-71, 132-03-72
Fax: 132-03-73
Contact: Ms. Alexandra Iwanicky, General Director
Activity: Accounting, Consulting and Taxation Services

Interconcepts Incorporated
5 Shpilkov Street
Tashkent 700031, Uzbekistan
Tel: 139-13-02
Fax: 139-14-53

Contact: Mr. Rustamov, General Representative
Activity: Consulting, Satellite/telecom, Agriculture

24 Amir Temur, 4th Floor
Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Tel: 40-66-59, 34-51-42, 34-04-71
Fax: 40-68-77
Contact: Mr. Kwi Young Lee, Chief Representative
Mr. Carl Gorton, Representative
Activity: Accounting/consulting Services

Price Waterhouse
53 Suleymanov Street
Tashkent 700015, Uzbekistan
Tel: 55-97-47, 55-85-49, 55-83-81

Contact: Mr. Muhitdtn Ahunhodjaev, Corporate Finance Executive
Activity: Consulting Services

64 Yunus Rajabi Street
Tashkent 700031, Uzbekistan
Tel: 139-56-47, 133-01-69
Fax: 56-17-58
Contact: Mr. Arthur Kolupaev, General Director
Activity: Consulting, Tourism, Airway Tickets

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