Uzbekistan Healthcare

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The Government of Uzbekistan continues to be the primary source of funding for healthcare in Uzbekistan. The Government's healthcare budget is disbursed throught a viriety of sources including:
  • Ministry of Public Health of Uzbekistan
  • Local and Regional Governments (Khokimoyats)
  • Specialized facilities serving selected ministries and state-owned enterprices

In 1994, $ 79.4 Mln. or 11% of the budget of the Government of Uzbekistan was allocated to healthcare needs through the ministry of piblic health.

There are many other governmnet institutions in Uzbekistan which operate medical and healthcare facilities not financed by the Ministry of Public Health. These are:
  • The Ministry of Defense
  • The Central Asian Railways Company "Uzbekistan Temir Yullari"
  • National Airline "Uzbekistan Havo Yullari
  • The Ministry of Energy
  • The Ministry of Internal Affairs
  • Others

Moreover, Uzbekistan has a wide network of sanatoriums and health resorts which are financed by the resort administration of the trade union federation of Uzbekistan.

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