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Every society makes and enforces laws that govern the conduct of the individuals, businesses, and other organizations that function within it.

Businesses that are organized in Uzbekistan are subject to its laws. The are also subject to the laws of other countries in which they operate. Businesses organized out of the country must obet the laws of Uzbekistan when doing business here. In addition, businesspeople owe a duty to act ethically in the conduct of their affairs and businesses owe a responsibility not to harm society.

In this section of our site we have tried to give you companies' addresses and key cotacts to help you to find an appropriate organizations who offer legal services.

Aitkin, Irwin, Lewin, Berlin,Vrooman and Cohn LLC
2,Abdulla Qodyri St.
Tashkent 700017, Uzbekistan
Tel: 34-47-23, 34-09-61
Fax: 34-09-61
Contact: Ms. Tamineh Roshanian, President
Mr. Gayle Mckenzie, Attorney

 Baker & Mckenzie
Business Complex, Suite 35
Khamid Olimjon Sq., Western Side
Tashkent 700000, Uzbekistan
Tel: 133-36-43
Fax: 40-61-19
Contact: Mr. Curtis Masters, Partner

East - West Innovations, Inc.
2 Abdulla Qodyri Street, 12th Floor, Room #1206
Tashkent 700017, Uzbekistan
Tel: 34-47-23
Fax: 34-09-61, 54-17-05
Contact: Mr. Seper Takhiri, Managing Director

Lebouf, Lamb, Greene & Macrae
1 Turob Tula St.,
Tashkent 700003, Uzbekistan
Tel: 40-60-50/51
Fax: 40-60-52
Contact: Mr. Nazim Yakupov, Attorney

Mayer, Brown & Platt
1 Turob Tula St, 5th Floor
Tashkent 700003, Uzbekistan
Tel: 139-11-76, 45-57-51
(7) 40-66-27
Fax: 40-63-29
Contact: Ms. Kimberly Heimert, Managing Attorney
Mr. Igor Fastov, Attorney

White and Case
Metropolitan Business Complex, Suite 37
Khamid Olimdjon Sq.,
Tashkent, Uzbekistan 700000
Tel: 40-61-18, 40-61-24, 40-61-32, 32-00-59
Fax: 40-61-81
Contact: Ms. Denise Hamer, Atorney at Law

Mr. Pulat Kadyrov, Attorney
52, Massiv Gulistan
Tashkent, Uzbekistan 700000
TEL: 77-49-76

5, Qodyri St, 1st. Floor, N0.124, 127
Tashkent, Uzbekistan 700000
TEL: 44-65-22, 44-64-84, 41-10-80
FAX: 41-54-53
Contact:Mr.Valery Gatash, director
MR. Alexander Korchmensky, deputy director

Tashkent City Lawyers Board
63, Sadyk Azimov St.,
Tashkent, Uzbekistan 700000
TEL: 33-71-80, 33-46-00, 36-13-27
Contact:Ms. Inna Bagdasarova, attorney at Law

Mckenna and CO..
90 Vasit Vakhidov St.,
Yakkasaray district
Tashkent, Uzbekistan 700031
TEL: 55-60-70, 55-67-27, 55-76-60
FAX: 40-61-85
Contact: Mr. Ilia Yaroslavsky, Attorney at Law

Mz Pacific
1 Lakhuti St.,
Tashkent, Uzbekistan 700000
TEL: 56-83-34, 66-41-35
FAX: 56-84-47
Contact: Mr. Kahramon Gulomov, Attorney at Law

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