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 Alisher Navoi State Library
1 Mustaqillik Sq.,
Tashkent Uzbekistan 700000
Tel: 39-43-41
Director: Rustam Alimovich Alimov
Hours: Mon.-Fri. 8am-8pm;
Sat.-Sun. 8pm-5pm
Sanitary day: last day of the month

The Alisher Navoi State Library traces its history back to 1870, when it was founded by the first governor general of Turkestan, Alexander von Kaufmann. The library's excellent rare book collection"with some items dating back to von Kaufmann's original holdings"includes many valuable prerevolutionary books and manuscripts. The main collection of prerevolutionary Turki-langage newspapers is also housed in the rare book collection.

Apart from the main catalogue, there is a very useful catalogue of Uzbekistan-related materials both in Russian and in Uzbek located on the third floor, as well as a card index of materials on Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. Another separate catalogue indexes Soviet journal articles relating to Uzbekistan; ask for the "Uzbekistanica" catalogue

 Central State Archive of Uzbekistan
2 Chilonzar St.,
Tashkent Uzbekistan 700043
Tel: 77-10-92
Director: Irkin Abdullaevich Abdullaev
Hours: Mon.-Fri. 7:30am-6pm;
Saturday 9am-5pm

The State Archives provides three main finding aids for its materials. Archivists direct researchers first to the published archival guides. Because the latest edition was issued in 1976 -- a time when guides usually provided only minimal information"they are not terribly detailed, but they do give the numbers of the main institutional fondy (archival groupings). For the prerevolutionary documents, scholars can then turn to the card catalogue on the second floor, where all of the archival files are listed by subject. For post-1917 materials, bound opisi (inventories), held in the third-floor reading room, describe the contents of each fond. TsGARU's journal and newspaper holdings, which include the most complete runs available of such prerevolutionary papers Turkestansie Vedomosti, are found in the basement.

 Fundamental Library
Academy of Science of Uzbekistan
13 Muminov St.,
Tashkent Uzbekistan 700170
Tel: 62-74-08
Director: Nabi Ganievich Umarov
Hours: Mon.-Fri. 8am-6pm
Sanitary day: last Friday of the month

The Uzbekistan Academy of Sciences Library contains all the major works of scholarship and much of the popular literature produced in Uzbekistan over the past 50 years. This library is indispensable for finding doctoral and kandidat dissertation abstracts defended in Uzbekistan. Scholars can usually receive the materials they request within 30 minutes to one hour at the Academy of Sciences Library, which makes it a more convenient place to work than Navoi. Reading rooms at the library are large and well-lit, and since the library occupies a central building in the Academy of Sciences complex (Akademgorodok), it can be reached easily from the various Academy institutes. Its journal and newspaper collection also fills in some of the lacunae at Navoi and TsGARU.

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