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The State-run Pravda Vostoka newspaper published an article entitled "Mass-Media: Awaiting Changes" on April 1 about the recent seminar for editors of newspapers and managers of TV and radio stations. It says that the number of newspapers in Uzbekistan rose from 200 in 1991 to 700 today, however, the circulation of many of them is very low. The circulation of some newspapers was even below three thousand. It is because the founders were not enough calculating.

By the end of 1997 twenty publications were subsidized by the government. Deputy Prime Minister Alisher Azizkhodjaev criticized newspapers for poor quality and content and said that the quantity doesn't cause quality. There is no competition because the number if private newspapers, radio and TV station isn't high enough.

President's Press-Secretary Azamat Ziyaev said that first of all journalists should free themselves from self-censorship. There were also made critical comments about the poor university-level of education of journalists. Always critical Uzbek-language nationalist "Hurriyat" newspaper complained about the work of press services at each ministry. "They are meant for cooperation with the press, however, they try to protect their bosses from the press. Instead of answering reporters's questions about the problems, they praise their place. "

From FCN News, April 14, 1998


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