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Tashkent does not have so many historical sites as Samarkand or Khiva but still offer great museums to visit. There a lot of museums where you can see many exabitions and works of history

Museum of Applied Arts
12 Shpilkova St.,
Tashkent Uzbekistan
Tel: 56 39 43, 56 40 42
Open: Everyday

The most interesting for first-time foreign visitors is the Museum of Applied Arts, part of which was constructed at the end of the 19th century in the elaborate style of the period as the private house of a rich merchant. It now displays various types of national handicrafts - suzanis, golden embroidery , ceramics, jewelry, wood-carving, rugs, etc. - and has a good quality, if increasingly expensive, gift shop offering modern handicrafts and some antiques. day.

Museum of Fine Arts
16 Proletarskaya St.,
Tashkent Uzbekistan
Tel: 36 73 45

The Museum of Fine Arts boasts one of the richest collections of paintings in the former USSR. The collection is based on the private collection of Grand Duke Nikolay Konstantinovich Romanov who lived in Tashkent at the beginning of this century. Founded in 1918, the Museum is one of the oldest in the country. Its collection includes Western, Russian, and Uzbek paintings, as well as sculptures and graphic art of Italy, Spain, Netherlands and France. Oriental art from Burma, China, Japan and India is also well represented

Amir Temur Museum
Amir Temur Circle
(Opposite Uzbekistan Hotel)
Tashkent Uzbekistan
Tel: n/a

Fine Arts Museum
16 Mouveranakhr St.,
Tashkent Uzbekistan
Tel: 36 73 45, 36 34 44
Open daily: 10.00 - 17.00 (closed on Tuesdays)

Museum of the History of the People of Uzbekistan
3 Sharaf Rashidov St.,
Tashkent Uzbekistan
Tel: 33-57-13, 33-69-60
Open dally: 10:00 - 18:00 (closed on Sundays)

Ural Tansykbaev's Museum
2 Cherdantzev St.,
Tashkent Uzbekistan
Tel: 62-62-30

Tamara Khanum's Museum
1 Pushkin Pishpekskaya St.,
Tashkent Uzbekistan
Tel: 67-86-90
Open Daily: 10:00- 16:00

Mukarrama Turgunbayeva's Museum
5 Mustaqillik Square
(inside the Bakhor Concert Hall)
Tashkent Uzbekistan
Tel: 56-40-42
Open Weekdays: 10:00 - 17:00

Sergei Yesenin's Museum
20 Tolstoy St.,
Tashkent Uzbekistan
Tel: 33-11-19

 The National Nature Museum
16 Sagban St.,
Tashkent Uzbekistan
Tel: 44-33-72, 44-36-70.
Open: 10- 5p.m. Tues-Sun

The Navoi Literature Museum
89 Navoi St.,
Tashkent Uzbekistan
Tel: 44-14-86.

Museum of Health Service of Uzbekista n
72 Akhunbabaev St.
Tashkent Uzbekistan
Tel: 334-053, 334-278

Museum of Cinematic Art
96, Uzbekistanskij proezd
Tel: 458-161

Museum of history of
The Turkestan Military District

Gorki Ave.
Tashkent Uzbekistan
Tel: 624-646

Yuldash Akhunbabaev Museum
19, Ordjonikidze St.,
Tashkent Uzbekistan
Tel: 335-131

Gafur Gulyam Museum
1, Arpapaya St.
Tashkent Uzbekistan
Tel: 4 54-394

Abdulla Kahhar Museum
26, Navruz St.
Tashkent Uzbekistan
Tel: 560-804

Mukhtar Ashrafi Museum
Centre 1, 15-25,
Tashkent Uzbekistan
Tel: 320-221

Sergey Borodin Museum
18, Ordjonikidze St.
Tashkent Uzbekistan
Tel: 330-932

The Tram Museum
4 Privokzalnaya St.,
Tashkent Uzbekistan
Tel: 99-70-40.

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