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It is difficult to estimate a market size for pharmaceuticals, medical equipment and supplies in Uzbekistan but it it is clear that there are tremendous shortages of everything from pharmaceuticals and basic medical supplies to medical equipment. There are about 1,450 medical facilities in Uzbekistan and each region has its own large hospitel and there are 155 district hospitals- almost a half of them use outdated and poorly maintained equipment.

For the most part, pharmaceuticals sales in Uzbekistan have been decentralized. Notably, All drug stores, except for those located in hospitals and clinics, have been privatized. Further, the import and internal shipment of pharmaceuticals and medical equipment is no longer centralized. The Ministry of Public health of Uzbekistan no longer supplies drug stores with pharmaceuticals. Still, all drugs imported to the country should be registered with the pharmacologicla committee of the Health Ministry and to be marketable in Uzbekistan, Pharmaceuticals must meet the following requirements:

  • All products must have a safety certificate from its country of origin
  • All products must also have a registration certificate from the committee of the Ministry of of Public Health of uzbekistan. To obtain such a sertificate, one must send a letter to the committeewith a list of all pharmaceuticlas which are intended for import into the republic and can take about 2 weeks
  • there are special laboratories for pharmaceutical quality control ehich have been established by the customs department. However, not every custom checkpoints has one. These labarotories control pharmaceuticals which are being imported into the territory of the country and certify their complience with proper quality standarts.
  • A sample of each type of pharmaceuticals which arrives at the customes warehouse must be sent to the central laboratory of control and analysis. The labarotory is operated by the State Joint-Stock Company "Dori-Darmon". This analysis usually takes 3-7 business days and the registration is fee based.

As noted above, there are also several other restrictions on the registration and distribution of narcotic-containing pharmaceuticals. For more information on registration and lisencing contact the Ministry of Public Health of Uzbekistan, 41-17-63.

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