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6 Niyazov St.,
Sabir Rakhimov District
Tashkent 700095 Uzbekistan
Tel: 185-3548, 46-5810, 46-9751
Fax: 46-5811
Contact: Mr. Bakhrom Zakirov, Representative
Activity: Polling and Statistical Analysis,
Ad Hoc and syndicated research, one and multi
country studies, qualitative (focus group discussions,
in-depth interviews) and quantitative (face-to-face,
telephone and observation) research techniques

Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations
75 Buyuk Ipak Yuli St.,
Tashkent 100077, Uzbekistan
Tel: 34-4340
Fax: 34-4030
Contact: Mr. Marat Tursunov, General Direcotr
Activity: Supply local companies with information on
potential foreign partners; Search for foreign partners; supply
foreign partners with with information on the local market
and local companies and search for local partners for joint ventures

MRC "Automobillesozlik MIM"
30 Abdullayev St.,
Tashkent 700007 Uzbekistan
Tel: 68-3441
Fax: 67-9238
Contact: Mr. Aziz-Kariev, General Director
Activity: Mainly relevant to automobile industry

MDS Service
110/3 Botkin St.,
Tashkent 700007 Uzbekistan
Tel: 169-7080
Fax: 169-7085
Contact: Dr. Furkat Karimov, Director
Activity: Research and consulting for companies interested in
entering Uzbekistan's Helath Care Market

38 Gogol St.,
Tashkent 700100 Uzbekistan
Tel/Fax: 133-3245
Contact: Ms. Gulya Shirkhodjayeva, Office Manager
Activity: Habit Studies, usage and attitude studies,
trade, product testing, packaging studies, customer satisfaction,
segmentation, sampling effectiveness studies,
business/industrial studies, media research

AC & Partners
234 Buyuk Ipak Yuli St.,
Tashkent 700077 Uzbekistan
Tel: 66-1700, 65-3588
Fax: 66-1886
Contact: Ms. Jennifer Cock, general director or
Galiya Ismakova, marketing department
Activity: Provides a wide range of integrated services,
recruitment services, consulting expertise and market research

Expert Fikri
70 Usman Yusupov St.,
Tashkent 700128 Uzbekistan
Tel: 144-0588, 41-6639
Fax: 41-6639, 41-2358
Contact: Alisher Ikramov, General Director
Activity: social and marketing research by using
qualitative and quantitative methods

Interconcepts, Inc.,
5 Rahatboshi St.,
Tashkent 700031 Uzbekistan
Tel: 139-1302; 56-6180
Fax: 139-1453
Contact: Mr. Rudd, President
Activity: Market Research in Telecommunications,
Agrobusiness, Health Care, Construction and Publishing

EX-IM Info9rm
49 Suleymanova St.,
Tashkent 700000 Uzbekistan
Tel: 133-0546, 133-0556
Fax: 120-6538
Contact: Mr. Samatjon Sattarov, General Director
Webpage: Http://
Activity: Searching for foreign partners, market research,
statistics, legal services to as local as foreign companies

Research Expert Group (REG)
3 bobur St., Apt#3
Tashkent 700100 Uzbekistan
Tel: 55-1105, 126-1571
Fax: 55-1105, 54-1392
Contact: Mr. Paul bolotov, General Director
Activity: Research in all industry sectors

Bilishim International
1 Abdulla tuqay St., Apt#62
Tashkent 700000 Uzbekistan
Tel/Fax: 34-9488
Contact: Ms. NAtalia Peretrutova, Manager
Activity: Wide range of social and market researches

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